Event Photos!

Galleries are up for the two events in May!



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We are still pooling photos if you have any. If you would not mind contributing to the galleries, please head over to Sharypic.com and add your pictures! The pooling site will be closed around 8/6.


Weather Forecast for the Weekend (as of 5/3)

Accuweather now says this:

However, the weather.com is a little more optimistic:

Good news is the main event day (Sunday) is looking better and better.
Bad news is the picnic day (Saturday) does not look as good as it did 4 days ago.

We will be standing by a little longer to decide whether to have the picnic or not!
Please stay tuned for further updates.

NE Shibapallooza 2012 : Shiba Picnic on Saturday (pre-Palooza event)


The weather forecast for the coming Saturday says 73 degrees, partly cloudy. I think that’s good enough for a little picnic!

Info: https://northeastshibameetup2012.wordpress.com/events/

Location: Danehy Park in North Cambridge ( http://g.co/maps/exdbm )
Time: 1pm – 3pm
Please bring whatever the snack you want to bring. And any drinks (No alcohol, because it’s Massachusetts…)

Please stop by anytime between 1 – 3pm and enjoy the weather with a bunch of Shibas and their servants!

The area has at least 3 picnic benches. Since we are not using any grills (there aren’t any in that particular area of the park), I don’t believe we need a permit.
The are is NOT enclosed. If you need to let your Shibas run around, you can simply walk over to the enclosed dog park that is practically right next to the picnic area.

If you have any questions/suggestions/concerns, please let me know. I quickly came up with this idea, so there could be some considerations that I’m not aware of. Any help/input will be appreciated!

NE Shibapalooza 2012: 11 Days and Counting!

Hi All!

We’re so close to Shibapalooza! I hope you all are getting excited!

I would like to go over a few things before the date just so we are all on the same page.

*YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN DOG(S) AND THEIR ACTIONS! I am well aware things happen, especially with shibas. But in order to make sure this is a fun positive experience for dogs and humans, PLEASE make sure you watch your dog at all times. If you notice your shiba is getting agitated, annoyed, scared, or anything else that could cause an issue, you MUST remove him/her immediately until they have had some time to cool off. I hate to be play the bad guy (REALLY hate), But I will ask you and your dog to take a breather if I feel he/she is causing a disturbance in the flow of the pack.

There IS a huge fence in the middle of the play area where if we need to separate the dogs into 2 groups, we are able to do that if some dogs get along well with certain dogs.
If you are attending Shibapalooza I am trusting your Shiba is a dog-friendly playful and NOT aggressive and an instigator! Again, please help me make this a positive experience for the Shibas and for us, the Humans! 🙂
*YOU ARE ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SURE YOUR DOG IS PROPERLY VACCINATED PRIOR TO THE DATE! All dogs must have up to date vaccinations. And also if you use any flea/tick topical medicines monthly, please do not administer 48 hours prior. Since there will be a lot of play biting, I do not want any dog ingesting the flea/tick and it possibly causing health issues! Please give at least 2 days for the flea/tick to settle in their fur & skin.
I understand accidents happen and I would be shocked if we didn’t police at least a little tiff between the dogs, but I am hoping you all can make good judgment calls to make sure tiffs & “arguments” are few and far between!
If anyone has any type of fun agility things please email me! It would be fun to put a few things in the area for them to jump over, jump on, etc. I am hesitant to bring *toys* because some might get a little possessive but maybe a bunch of tennis balls might be okay? I’ll bring a few myself. 
Sorry to be the rule maker but trust this is stuff that needs to be said. I will be sending another email soon to give some more directions and discuss a possible pre meet up on Saturday May 5th. I unfortunately have been called into work but my boyfriend Amos and Paul&Nobuko who have been helping me with Shibapalooza have mentioned possibly doing something. Updates to come!
If you have any questions/concerns feel free to email me back!
Can’t wait to meet you all!

Update 4/3/12

Hello my fellow Shiba friends!

We are just one month away from the North East Shibapalooza!
I would just like to write to you today to go over a few quick things.
First of all, thank you so much for your overwhelming response to
Shibapalooza! I honestly had no idea it would turn out as big as it
has. I was expecting 15- MAYBE 20 shibas at most but we are closely
hitting 40+ Shibas! Which is why myself and Kaiju’s parents Nobuko and
Paul decided maybe we should put a cap on the attendance which was a
hard but necessary decision.

It is very important to have a head count of how many shibas we are to
expect. I understand life happens and things get in the way! But if by
any chance you RSVP’d yes to Shibapalooza and discover you cannot make
it, please let me know ASAP because there are other people who are
hoping to make it who I have tentatively put on a “waiting list” due
to the high volume. Even though most of our shibas are friendly and
playful, they are dogs and egos and fear can get in the way and cause
an unwanted and unforeseen situation (especially when indoors) so the
volume cap is keeping that strictly in mind. So with that being said,
again, please let me know if you cannot make it so I can let other
sheebs in on the fun! =D

Also- MERCHANDISE! We have our own merch page on the shibapalooza
website. Here’s the link:
*We make about $4.50 per item when you buy these products on our
Cafepress store.
The proceeds will first cover the cost of renting the space ($180 for
3 hours + $100 deposit). All remaining proceeds will be donated to New
York Shiba Inu Rescue
(A huge thanks to Paul and Nobuko for the design and getting this
merchandise page started!)


Our good Shiba friend/Shiba owner Ting from NYC has graciously decided
to help with funds as well! She has a wonderful online store that
sells the COOLEST Shiba stuff! (I have the Shiba tote and LOVE IT!
Next is the Shiba tee’s) She has decided to donate $2 from each Shiba
T-shirt purchase to NE Shibapalooza!
Here’s the link:

These 2 merch sites not only will make you THE coolest and hippest
shiba lover/owner but it will help make this meet up POSSIBLE! So
please help us out any way you can (And don’t worry about the Shibas
hating you for buying the T-shirts. They don’t realize how AWESOME
they look!)

That’s it for now. Any questions or concerns please feel free to email
me back. And again, please update us if your plans change!

Thanks again for your support and we can’t wait to meet you all May
6th @ Crate Escape for some SHIBA PAWSOMENESS!

Licks and airplane ears,
Amanda (& Knox)

NE Shibapalooza Updates!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update. It seems this Shibapalooza event is turning out bigger than I, or Kaiju’s humans (Paul & Nobuko) had anticipated! Which is AWESOME! But with that comes the issue of capacity.
I know that a lot of you are still unsure if you’re able to make it, and I hope you can! But we do need a rough headcount because there is a limit to the # of Shibas and we are closely hitting that capacity which I had NOT anticipated! Because of this though, we are putting people on a “first come first serve” guest list. You can check out the attendees who have said yes already here:
I DO NOT want to turn anyone away especially people who are traveling. So please keep the RSVP in your head and let me know ASAP if you are able to attend or not. If you definitely cannot, please let me know so that we can make room for others. If you are unsure, we will at least put you on the pending list for now. But again, please keep in mind space is limited so the sooner you have a definite yes or no the better!
Please get back to me with your plans ASAP. Don’t forget also I’m planning a park pre meet up/picnic on Saturday May 5th the day before the meet up.

North East Shibapalooza 2012 Date is set!

Hi Everyone!

Knox’s humom here again. I’m happy to say we finally have a date set for NE Shibapalooza! We have decided to make it the weekend of May 5-6. The actual meet up will be on Sunday the 6th at Crate Escape in Belmont, MA. But I am thinking maybe we could do a pre meet up Shiba picnic at a park or fenced in play area if there’s enough people interested.

Now the fun part begins! Spread the word to as many Shiba owners & lovers as you can! Share share share!

If you have any questions about the meet up, lodging, etc please don’t hesitate to email me at briggababy at gmail dot com

More updates to come!

Amanda + Knox

Attention NYC Shibas….

Just got a very nice email from Melanie (@Lilpeet) and thought I’d pass this along to NY Shibas interested:

“Pita can do 5/5 and 5/12 weekends. Also I will be renting a car from hertz-we get an amazing discount thru work-so if anyone in the NYC area wants to carpool-we are more than happy to pick you up. Peet is a friendly shiba so would be fine to be in the car w another dog.”
Thanks so much for the offer! If anyone wants to take her up on that please contact her. (@Lilpeet – mkatkell at gmail dot com)