Update 4/3/12

Hello my fellow Shiba friends!

We are just one month away from the North East Shibapalooza!
I would just like to write to you today to go over a few quick things.
First of all, thank you so much for your overwhelming response to
Shibapalooza! I honestly had no idea it would turn out as big as it
has. I was expecting 15- MAYBE 20 shibas at most but we are closely
hitting 40+ Shibas! Which is why myself and Kaiju’s parents Nobuko and
Paul decided maybe we should put a cap on the attendance which was a
hard but necessary decision.

It is very important to have a head count of how many shibas we are to
expect. I understand life happens and things get in the way! But if by
any chance you RSVP’d yes to Shibapalooza and discover you cannot make
it, please let me know ASAP because there are other people who are
hoping to make it who I have tentatively put on a “waiting list” due
to the high volume. Even though most of our shibas are friendly and
playful, they are dogs and egos and fear can get in the way and cause
an unwanted and unforeseen situation (especially when indoors) so the
volume cap is keeping that strictly in mind. So with that being said,
again, please let me know if you cannot make it so I can let other
sheebs in on the fun! =D

Also- MERCHANDISE! We have our own merch page on the shibapalooza
website. Here’s the link:
*We make about $4.50 per item when you buy these products on our
Cafepress store.
The proceeds will first cover the cost of renting the space ($180 for
3 hours + $100 deposit). All remaining proceeds will be donated to New
York Shiba Inu Rescue
(A huge thanks to Paul and Nobuko for the design and getting this
merchandise page started!)


Our good Shiba friend/Shiba owner Ting from NYC has graciously decided
to help with funds as well! She has a wonderful online store that
sells the COOLEST Shiba stuff! (I have the Shiba tote and LOVE IT!
Next is the Shiba tee’s) She has decided to donate $2 from each Shiba
T-shirt purchase to NE Shibapalooza!
Here’s the link:

These 2 merch sites not only will make you THE coolest and hippest
shiba lover/owner but it will help make this meet up POSSIBLE! So
please help us out any way you can (And don’t worry about the Shibas
hating you for buying the T-shirts. They don’t realize how AWESOME
they look!)

That’s it for now. Any questions or concerns please feel free to email
me back. And again, please update us if your plans change!

Thanks again for your support and we can’t wait to meet you all May
6th @ Crate Escape for some SHIBA PAWSOMENESS!

Licks and airplane ears,
Amanda (& Knox)


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