Event Photos!

Galleries are up for the two events in May!



We apologize for very slow loading of the photos on larger monitors. Keeping the browser window small seems to help a bit.

We are still pooling photos if you have any. If you would not mind contributing to the galleries, please head over to Sharypic.com and add your pictures! The pooling site will be closed around 8/6.


Weather Forecast for the Weekend (as of 5/3)

Accuweather now says this:

However, the weather.com is a little more optimistic:

Good news is the main event day (Sunday) is looking better and better.
Bad news is the picnic day (Saturday) does not look as good as it did 4 days ago.

We will be standing by a little longer to decide whether to have the picnic or not!
Please stay tuned for further updates.

NE Shibapallooza 2012 : Shiba Picnic on Saturday (pre-Palooza event)


The weather forecast for the coming Saturday says 73 degrees, partly cloudy. I think that’s good enough for a little picnic!

Info: https://northeastshibameetup2012.wordpress.com/events/

Location: Danehy Park in North Cambridge ( http://g.co/maps/exdbm )
Time: 1pm – 3pm
Please bring whatever the snack you want to bring. And any drinks (No alcohol, because it’s Massachusetts…)

Please stop by anytime between 1 – 3pm and enjoy the weather with a bunch of Shibas and their servants!

The area has at least 3 picnic benches. Since we are not using any grills (there aren’t any in that particular area of the park), I don’t believe we need a permit.
The are is NOT enclosed. If you need to let your Shibas run around, you can simply walk over to the enclosed dog park that is practically right next to the picnic area.

If you have any questions/suggestions/concerns, please let me know. I quickly came up with this idea, so there could be some considerations that I’m not aware of. Any help/input will be appreciated!