North East Shibapalooza 2012 Updates!

Hello all!

Knox’s humom here. We have exciting new updates about North East Shibapaloozameetup. A lot of the people attending are #twibas but we want to extend the invite to allshibas and shiba owners/lovers! So please tell everyone you know!


We have selected the place for our meet up. It’s called Crate Escape in Belmont, MA. ( It is all fenced in and has lots of room for the sheebs to run around and even a large fence divider INCASE we need to separate a dog/dogs. We will have the place to ourselves for 2-3 hours. There will be food and drinks for the humans and obviously water and noms for the sheebs. There will be a doggy door giving access to an outdoor area that is also fenced in! So hopefully the weather will be wonderful!

I have attached a few photos just to give you a slight idea of the area (outdoor+indoor)


Right now we are feeling out all attendees for a specific date. We are deciding between 3 weekends: 4/28-29, 5/5-6, and 5/12-13. If you are not on the email list yet and are interested in attending PLEASE email me and tell me what weekend(s) work/don’t work for you and I will try to keep everyone’s schedule in mind to choose the best date. The more the merrier so I will accommodate as best as possible!


I sent an email out last week giving a link to some pet friendly hotels. But @iamkaiju’s humom was nice enough to help out and go even further to help the people traveling by suggesting some hotels/rentals close to the meet up area but still close to Boston and other great places:

Here are some accommodation options that I have found…
There are more Cambridge options included here only because the meetup will most likely be in Cambridge, which is across the Charles River from Boston.

Pet Friendly Hotels

Others :

The town of Brookline is quite close and nice, too. Or, if you don’t mind driving in, North Shore towns are beautiful. Amanda lives in one of those towns.
If you see any place you want to consider, please don’t hesitate to ask us about the town/neighborhood.

Also… please check out this website too for additional accomodations:

Sorry for the long post but I am trying to get the message out there as much as possible. Please spread the word! We currently have Shibas coming from NY, NJ, MA, NH but we want to make this big so let’s do it!

For those interested please get back to me via email to let me know which dates work best. I will update as much as possible about any news and/or changes. My email is BriggaBaby at gmail dot com

Also any recommendations for other activities are welcomed! We could also do a picnic if the weather permits.

A big thanks again to @iamkaiju’s humans for helping out. We are so excited to make this happen!


Amanda (Knox’s humom- @KnoxyFoxy11)


North East Shibapalooza 2012!

Hi everyone!

So good news. I heard back from an indoor dog gym called Mom and Paws Indoor Dog Park ( The owner Christine sent me an email today to say that they would love to host our meetup.

“We would love to host the North East Meetup. Our meetup rate is $50 or $5 per dog. Meetups are usually reserved for sat or sun mornings 10am-12-pm. We are open to the public till 4 and could also host the meetup later if prefered. April and May are completley open right now so let me know what date and I will reserve the space for you. I think it would be a great place to host! Thank you for your interest in Mom and Paws!”

Yay! So my next step is to plan to meet up with them in the next week and do a walk through the place to make sure it will be a good fit for us. Also I want to make sure the room will be reserved for just the people in the meet up. No offense, but this is a Shibas only pawty =)

I have contacted 3 other places and still waiting to hear back, incase this doesn’t work out. But this place seems really willing to host the meet up!

I have a couple questions for you all. If you could let me know a few things it might make this planning a little easier.

1) As I stated before, I am thinking maybe April/May would be good since the New England weather will (hopefully) be tame by then. What works for you? Obviously this will be a weekend date, so I’m thinking either a Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning/afternoon
2) I will need the names of each dog coming. Although I know all my #twibas, if you could send an email with the # of dogs in your pack and names, it will help!

If you guys have any questions or concerns about any of this please let me know!

Also, tell as many twibas as possible! The more the merrier!

I’m really hoping we can make this happen!
Sorry for the obnoxiously long email =)

Talk soon,
Amanda Brigham (Knox’s humom)
briggababy at gmail dot com